• Dormer Loft

    Dormer conversion

    A Dormer loft conversion typically involves a structural extension that has a vertical projection from the sloping roof plane. When you build a dormer on top of your existing roof, you are able to transform your crammed attic into a usable room because additional floor space and headroom are created. Dormer windows also allow plenty […]

  • Velux loft conversion

    In a Velux loft conversion, Velux roof-light windows are fitted into the roof pitch so that an adequate amount of sunlight can come into the new, converted attic. Artificial lighting in the attic can be slightly oppressive. Specialised Velux roof windows are designed in a way that they allow maximum sunlight to flow in and […]

  • Mansard conversion

    Mansard conversions offer the maximum amount of headspace and room volume among all loft conversions. In the mansard conversion process, the roof is opened up for the profile to have three sides instead of two. This way, the structure gets a flat roof. These loft conversions provide a lot of space and your rooms get […]

  • Hip to gable conversion

    A hip to gable loft conversion essentially extends the sloping side of your property. It involves the replacement of the existing sloping roof with a kind of vertical wall, also called the gable, right at the end. This wall is as tall as the ridge and fills the in between space. The additional space can […]

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