Loft Conversion Plans

At Granada Loft Conversions, we offer a complete design and building package to our clients.
In creating building plans for clients, we ensure that there is absolute compliance with all relevant building regulations and fire and safety regulations. We want you to enjoy complete peace of mind when you hire us for your home repair and improvement project.

What to expect?

There can be a considerable amount of variations in loft conversions. This essentially depends on the property or structure. However, loft conversions are usually possible in almost all cases.
The professional loft conversions team at Granada Loft Conversions will lay out all the available possibilities for your project keeping in mind your specific requirements. We do not advocate pushing a client into doing something which they aren’t sure about. Hence, we always treat a client and his/her home with a lot of respect.
We like to invest time in thoroughly discussing the building plan with you so that everything is clear and you feel a part of the entire process. We also highlight the safety aspects involved in the building process and how we plan to deal with them.

Process planThe process

The initial consultation will involve taking measurements of the space and in the following meeting; we would be able to give you a detailed scaled design. This design will have specifications such as the staircase position and the shape and size of your loft room.
We work directly with local authorities to obtain the required permissions and ensure that all aspects of the project meet the council’s building and planning regulations. Our loft specialists follow the design instructions as specified to the letter. This helps ensure that your dream loft turns into a beautiful reality with minimal delays!
At the time of the first consultation, we will also provide you with a detailed quote for the project that shows all costs involved. We follow a completely transparent pricing policy at Granada Loft Conversions so you can be sure that you won’t have any hidden costs to deal with once the job is done.
Granada Loft Conversions will execute the entire process of architectural planning, designing and handling planning permission applications for you. After receiving the building control approval, the work on your loft conversion can begin at a time which is suitable for you.
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